While waiting for the rolling restarts to happen at my own store I decided to escape to the Fallen Gods Inc.

All I can say is wow its huge!!! I so would love an island store lol. Granted when I landed there is a sign up saying they are remodelling the store, so maybe watch out for flying prims?

Took me a moment via search to work out where the petite items are but if the direct link at the end doesn’t take you to the right spot here goes.  As you enter the large Aztec style building you head to the right side of the store, at the rear is a round stand with lots of petite items. 

These items are a range from other stores as well, not just Fallen God’s.

Who are Fallen Gods Inc: This store creates some super skins not only for petites but for biggies too.. I think I even have a few of their biggie versions lurking in my inventory.

The skins here are ideal for fantasy to normal types.

The Petite side of things you can buy full petite avatars here for male and females.  These I believe are copy only because you do get huds with them for skin change, but I could be wrong.  They come in a few styles from full blow fantasy to high elf to just very nice skins.


This is the Petite Stand.. just so you know what to look for 😀

Plus side Demo’s are available, buy them, check them out and see if you like them first. I am sure you will fall in love with one or more :D.

As you can see from the picture they have some of Wasabi Pill’s hair here, plus further around some outfits by Unzipped, both of which I will blog about soon, they also have the base Yabusaka Loon Petites.

Maybe explore the sim at some point because its an island with lots to see 😀

Here is the direct tp to the in world store http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Selidor/151/112/22

Their Market place https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/31379


Fab-Fae StoreImage

Fab-Fae has a range of cute outfits for the female petite and um.. Biggie.. that’s regular sized avatar if you haven’t figured it out yet :D.

These outfits currently range from slinky long dresses to beach wear but I have been told Julianna the designer/owner of Fab-fae is adding more clothing to her range.  Most of the outfits are below 99L$ so they are affordable for those on a tight budget.  On the plus side if your budget is really tight why not pop by and see what hunts are running in store and grab yourself some free to almost free hunt prizes :).

There are also some GACHA machines here with some cute petite mesh flower rings, they are way sweet and look great when worn plus have a touch resize script inside so you can resize them if you need too.


Gives you a little idea of what you can buy here

For those of you in Biggie or Part time Petites :D, Fab-fae currently has an exclusive limited offer gown in store. (Not sure how long that gown will be available for, possibly by the time you read this they have all sold out, if so Sorry!!)  It’s a lovely flowing gown in red tones that I so wish was available in petite, but its not <wails>…

Found a blog about the gown so you can get a peek here http://jjsadventures.wordpress.com/2013/06/06/burning-with-fashion/

But really the picture doesn’t do it justice, it looks so much better seeing it worn on someone, to see the movement of the skirt and how the textures interact with each other.

While visiting why not have a walk around the store platform.  There are some zany plants and petite seats scattered around, plus a cute little house with art work inside.. found that out myself today when I bumped into Julianna, and to my surprise it was my artwork! She’s even invited me to put some out for sale so watch that space :D.

Here is the SL in world Address for Fab-Fae  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kona%20Dreams/13/24/1001

Fab-Fae Market place listings https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/123622

Mind if you shop only from the Market place you will miss out on the hunt items and GACHA’s in store.

This store does a lot more then just clothing but I will concentrate just on this for now.

They have a range of outfits for Female and Male Petites.  In mixed styles.  There should be something here to almost every ones taste.  From the Fae fairy, to the dark goth to Gor Slave to just Causal wear.  There is even a Cow skin Avatar 😀 fun huh!  (I wont be showing a picture of that due to the PG status of my blog).  I’ve even noticed a Demon forked tongue on one wall, cool huh!

There are a few wings here too but not many, think there is even some in the camping chair, so if you want to sit and camp go for it!

[S&S] Store in SL Female Petite clothing

This is just a small snapshot in store of some of the Female clothing available here.


[S&S] Clockworks Guys clothing

There is a heap of things here though, so just don’t go by my snapshots.  Have a little mooch around the different floors, mind the ground floor is for biggies :D, Floor 1 & 2 are the ones you need for Petites.  There is also a range of props, furniture, houses, and fun things to be found here, plus Lucky Chairs! And a one arm bandit game but that’s store group only. costs 100L$ to join the group but you do get your monies worth. Oh yes 2 of the lucky chairs are set to VIP which means group only.  They also have a Midnight mania board on each floor.

So why not pop by for a browse and see if this place gets added to your landmarks & must visit list.  I know its in mine because I go there on and off to see what’s new and to hit the boards.. :D.. yes I’m  a board slapper, granted they are the only things I do tend to slap, so please no requests for me to come and beat you up…:)

Direct Store Link  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mieville%20Twain/216/208/29

Market place Link https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/53993

Now this place has some cute skins, mainly for females, but she does have a few male petite skins too.  These skins are applied using a Skin applier & Hud to mod/copy versions of the Petites.

This is My friend JJ wearing a skin named after her called JJ by The skin You’re in.  You even get the hair! But this one has been recoloured. (Outfit worn isn’t the one you get either)Image Read the rest of this entry »

Yabusaka Loon is the creator of the Petites Mesh Avatars.

These come in a few styles.  You have the originals and the V2’s.  In both sexes.  Yes you get Females and the rare breed the Male petite..  Come on guys we need more of you!!

Here is the link to Yabusaka’s SL Marketplace website https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/15581/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search%5Bcategory_id%5D=&search%5Bmaturity_level%5D=GMA&search%5Bkeywords%5D=petite

Or if you fancy it you could head right on over to the Petites Kingdom Sim for a gander at what is available plus have a look around the stores on the other floating islands.


If you walk around the landing area at the Petites Kingdom you can find some helpful information about petites.

Go down a level and you will find the petites for sale, plus demo’s.  Keep going down the different levels and you will find some base petite mesh clothing.

Some of its free! Yes, you too can make your own petite clothing :D.

Heads up on petite buying.  The original and the V2 base petites are copy/mod.  However some are copy only, these are the ones with skin appliers/skin huds.

Please be careful as to which you purchase.

Mod copy petites means you can change the skins yourself, or buy skins with appliers and scripts giving you far more scope.  I will add more info in the Skins section about this.

But! There are some pre made ones that are very very nice I have to say.

Like the ones from Unzipped


the gothic makeup on the Nocturnum priestess Avatar is super lush! And she comes with the outfit! Sweet! There is a male option too but I haven’t had a chance to look at his make up… wonder if he has a pink one too. um..

Or fancy something different you could try out the Drache Demon Avatar’s which come in male and female form.  There are other goodies available at Unzipped as well not just for Petites.

Have a walk around and see all that is available.  Oh! And take a peek outside at the Steampunk Sea-serpent and the Role play zone.

I will add more to this later about other places you can get the full petites meshes from with skins :).

Granted for now I will probably just cover Petites, not the other Small Mesh Avatars that are available.


My name is Beliria I’m a Petite Elf in SL (Second Life (TM)).

For those of you who are thinking yeh well a Petite is a Teen Avatar or a child avatar isn’t it?  Well no.

A Petite is a Mesh avatar 1/8th the size of your normal SL avatars.. granted most of them are on average giants!!  That is around 7 meters tall because most haven’t realised how tall they have made their avatars. Any how I digress.  Petites were created by Yabusaka Loon.

Like I said before we are vertically challenged.. or are we?.. 😀

To me I am the perfect height.

Just a little pointer you may turn a Petite into an aggressive little monster if you refer to them as Child or Kid.  We are NOT Child avatars.  We may have a child like joy of the world but we are miniature adults. Some even have lola tango’s.. um if you don’t know what they are then oh my! Where have you been?  You’ve seriously not seen some of them female avatars with large breasts?  Meh.. where was I… oh yes.. well as you can see we get easily distracted as well…

If you have yet to see a Petite then its possible you haven’t looked down, and even more possible that you have bumped into one or two without even noticing.  Or your not using a viewer that sees mesh. ..Wails! Like oh my gosh! You don’t know what your missing out on!..

Here are some visual links to the market place where you can even buy a petite! yay! Go on you know you want too 😀

https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/15581   Try the demo’s, because Demo’s are your friend, plus they do save you a heap of money, specially if you don’t like what you see or the creator has more than one option.

There are heaps more things about petites that I will cover in future blogs but I better add this as well.  If you want to be a petite in SL but have no clue what SL is then here we go.

SL is the abbreviated name for an online virtual community called Second life  https://secondlife.com  you will require a viewer to access this world as well as an account.

Most use the 3rd party viewers such as Phoenix Firestorm http://www.firestormviewer.org/

best bet though is if you are going to use a 3rd party viewer use on that is on the allowed list. If you choose to use one of the others then that is your choice part from you may end up in hot water.

Okay a little more about SL for those of you who have heard about it but never dipped your toes in.

It’s a fun place to be, lots to do, lots to see, and boy what can’t you do in here… eeeeps.  There is something here for everyone so long as your over a particular age.  No clue what that age is because they merged the teen and adult grids.  Best bet is if your unsure your old enough then your probably not or just read the info on the SL site about ages etc.

Things you can do in SL, fun stuff such as going clubbing, listening to live bands/concerts, making friends.. even enemies if that’s your choice.  You can join grid wide hunts for goodies, a majority of hunts are free but some have a nominal fee.

If you have a knack for design you could go to a sandbox and build your own creations, even sell them via the market place or get a store in world.  Or are you an artist why not upload some of your art and sell that in here?

Not your thing then there are Gorean Sims for those of you that like Master/slave role play, or Sci-fi sims, think there is even a CSI sim out there too, basically there is a lot of things going on in SL.  You can even become a fighter with a katana and work your way up the ranks, or a Jedi knight. Me I’m just a petite elf who creates her own wings, accessories & Clothing, and goes to concerts, clubs, um.. sits on lucky chairs to win goodies etc. etc. :D, and who now blogs.. lol.

Watch this space for more I have a heap of pictures from the Fantasy Faire that I have never uploaded anywhere yet, and yes I went there as a petite :D.

I hope to add some tips, shopping guides, etc all for petites and maybe for the odd biggie.. I  mean um.. <coughs> Normal sized avatar… if there really is such a thing :D.

Over and out for now Bel xImage

Pssst that is me 😀